Federated Querying across Relational, Non-relational, Object, and Custom Data Sources using Amazon Athena

Querying Data from DynamoDB in Amazon Athena Amazon Athena now enables users to run SQL queries across data stored in relational, non-relational, object, and custom data sources. With federated querying, customers can submit a single SQL query that scans data from multiple sources running on-premises or hosted in the cloud. Athena executes federated queries using... » read more

Setting Up a Data Lake on AWS Cloud Using LakeFormation

Setting up a Data Lake involves multiple steps such as collecting, cleansing, moving, and cataloging data, and then securely making that data available for downstream analytics and Machine Learning. AWS LakeFormation simplifies these processes and also automates certain processes like data ingestion. In this post, we shall be learning how to build a very simple... » read more