8 Best Practices for Your React Native App

In our earlier blog post, we had built a React Native Android app for Video calls using twilio. The main objective of this post is to provide you with tips and some of the best React Native practices which will benefit you and your team in building your React Native projects. Some of these tips... » read more

Create a React Native Video Calling App Using Twilio

Introduction In this post, we are going to build a React Native Android app for Video calls using Twilio.Let’s get started with Twilio. What is Twilio? Twilio is a cloud based service that enables powerful communication between mobile devices, applications, services, and systems throughout the business in order to bridge the gap between conventional communication.... » read more

Scheduling tasks with AWS SQS and Lambda

In today’s blog post we will be learning a workaround for how to schedule or delay a message using AWS SQS despite its 15 minutes (900 seconds) upper limit. But first let us understand some SQS attributes briefly, firstly Delivery Delay, it lets you specify a delay between 0 and 900 seconds (15 minutes). When... » read more

Programmatically Updating Autoscaling policy on DynamoDB with boto3: Application Auto Scaling

In this blog post, we will be learning how to programmatically update the auto-scaling policy settings of a DynamoDB table. The idea is to scale it smoothly (minimal write request throttling) irrespective of the anticipated traffic spikes it receives. We do this using AWS Application Auto Scaling and Lambda (boto3). Understanding how DynamoDB auto-scales DynamoDB... » read more