AWS QuickSight Auto-Narratives to Highlight Insights using Natural Language Processing

Most often analyzing data sets to summarize their main characteristics, is done with visuals. Yet still one has to sift through the visuals, drilling down, comparing values, and rechecking ideas to extract a conclusion. But with QuickSight that is not the case, using its auto-narratives feature, one could extrapolate conclusion from the data analysis or... » read more

Understanding React Native Navigation

This post focuses on building a react-native app which supports navigation using react-native-navigation. Why React Native Navigation? There are many ways in which we can implement navigation functionality in mobile apps developed using React Native. The two most popular among them are ‘React Navigation’ and ‘React Native Navigation’. As React Native Navigation uses the native... » read more

Setting Up a Data Lake on AWS Cloud Using LakeFormation

Setting up a Data Lake involves multiple steps such as collecting, cleansing, moving, and cataloging data, and then securely making that data available for downstream analytics and Machine Learning. AWS LakeFormation simplifies these processes and also automates certain processes like data ingestion. In this post, we shall be learning how to build a very simple... » read more